Allignment readings after OME 2.5 lift

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May 21, 2004
MN physically, MI spiritually
Just had the beast alligned and the final readings with caster correction bushings are...

Specified Range, Front left , Front Right

Camber 0.3-1.8, 0.1, 0.0.
Caster 2.0-4.0, 1.9, 1.6
Toe 0.00-0.16 0.06 0.08

Cross Camber -.05-.05, total 0.1
Cross caster -.05-.05, total 0.3
Total Toe 0.00-0.32, total0.14

I would have thought that the caster correction bushings would have put the numbers closer to the specified range center and not just "Close" to the lower margin. Still, it drive great and tracks really straight with just a hint of wander on the flat.
yup, not surprised.
do you know what your caster was beforehand?
Don't have a clue as to the pre castor numbers. Just assumed it would have been closer as it was in stock config before the lift and bushing corrections.
sleeoffroad said:
What suspension and what accessories on the vehicle?

Hi Christo,

It is an OME 2.5 heavy put on by Brian and there is a Warn 12,000, ARB, Revo 285-75-16 anad your rear bumper ( which is the best in my book!) It drives great, holds a straight line, no nose dive in cornering. I do have a bit of vibration but I think that is due to the lube in the universals. I will be aproaching that problen on Sunday. I just thought the numbers would be closer in the caster catagory.:cheers:
Just as an after thought, I bet the caster is going to line up after I get the rear end down with a load as it sits an inch higher with the heavies in the back. Just a thought,

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