All this tire talk got me to thinking.

Mar 27, 2003
Since one can not have the best of both worlds without doing a tire swap from on/off road use and none of the tires are great at all things, What if you ran AT's in the front and MT's in the rear (as long as they are the same size) like BFG AT's in front and BFG MT's in the rear. Granted you wouldn't be able to do a tire rotation. Other then that wouldn't it give you closer to the best of both worlds. Thoughts?


I currently run BFG 285 AT's, they are good for most everything, except they suck in mud. Now if I had some MT's in the rear..... ::)
The reason I don't know if I want to go full MT's all the way around is because of the horror stories I keep hearing from you all in regard to MT's in snow and ice. I have almost six months of that here in MN.


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Jan 15, 2002
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BFG-MT's with hand-siped center lugs...WI winters are equally bad to MN, and I have no complaints.

IMO, mixing tire-types is a poor idea. Minor size variations between types, handling differences.

Plus, when you sink those front tires in the MN goo, and those AT's clog up, you'll be wishin for 4 MT-type tires in a heartbeat!

IMO, BFG-MT's are nothing more than an aggressive AT tire anyways. They are great for the mixed-application 4wd owner, but IMO a poor choice for "most" dedicated offroaders.

BTW: My 33x10.5 (255/85-16) equivalent tires are installed on my 2000 GMC 2500HD. about 8k on them so far, and like it.
Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
If you don't/didn't have a VC in your t-case and you NEVER drive on hard ground while your are locked in 4hi, it might work. But most of us have a VC in our t-case. The tires will wear and slip at different rates. Even in vehicles without VC, like my Chevy 4x4 truck I had.
When I got it it had 235 tires all around but the front 2 were a different brand than the rear 2. I locked the wheels and put it in 4wd on a ice/snow covered road. I almost got killed! The driveline got boundup so bad (becouse they weren't the same diameter) that the front or rear would slip and pull me either to the right or left. It happened right when I met a semi on a two lane road. It pulled to the left into the semi's lane. I missed the semi :eek: pulled over to put it in 2hi. It wouldn't go into 2hi. I couldn't move the shift lever. I tried to unlock the hubs. They wouldn't turn. I limped to work and jacked one wheel up to releave the driveline presure. I then could unlock the hub and get into 2hi. I got a set of used tires all the same and the problem never happened again.


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Mar 27, 2003
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The moral of this story:

Thou shalt do thy tires in MATCHED sets of 4 ::)

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