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Feb 25, 2006
Hey there list. Hope you are doing good.

Kinda a newby to the group, but have been checking things out a little here and there. No guys got a pretty whip a$$ group here it sounds like. Well, I have some questions for ya.

The thing is I'm checking out a 69 pig that's about 3 hours a way from where I call home in NW Iowa. I-diots O-ut W-alking A-round.:)
She's a blue and white 1969 55 with what appears to be a pretty bone stock drivetrain. I think a stock f engine, 3 on the tree, drums all around, 31x9.5 BFG's, the whole bit. Floor and roof look good, rear quarters look good, no leaks underneath, front fenders are rotted out all the way through towards the rear but look salvageable. Rear window doesn't work, holes hacked in the doors for speakers and some trim attachment issues. The pig won't start as the owner says that gas douche's out of the carb when he cranks it over, he forgot the key when I went to look at it but assures me that the motor isn't tight and ran "great" before the carb when to heck. He said that his old carb had been rebuild but the housing cracked?, Is that a common problem or was it tightend to the intake too tight? Is it possible that the new carb has a bad float, or needle and seat? Any common problems with them that you folks know of.

Also I'd like to get your thoughts on some things I'd use the truck for, and if it would fit the bill. It probably would end up being my daily driver, and I would like to use it for our kid hauler as we have 3 little tricycle motors cruisin' around. And I refuse to drive a mini van around. hehe. To be honest with you guys this is my first Toyota that I've considered as I've been a mechanic at Ford (don't hate me) for the past 10 years or so. The truck wouldn't be off roaded a whole lot as all we have here are corn fields, but we do vacation to Montana frequently to do some fishing which leads me to my next question. Being's as I couldn't drive the pig, how do these guys do going down the road? Can they hit 65-70 MPH without wrappin' the pi$$ out of them, and how harsh of a ride do they have as I don't want my kids to bounce out going down the road.:eek: Is there any advantage to any model year over another or is the 69 a decent year for the 55? Lastly, I would like to keep the engine stock if I can score the truck, and how good is the F engine as far as durablity is concerned & what kind of mileage can a guy expect to see.

Sorry for all the questions folks, but any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
The FJ55 is affectionatley callled the 'Ironpig' because it is heavy and handles like a fat pig on the road:) The F engine is a good solid motor, but the 2F is a little bigger and offers a little more power. The 3 speed tranny in the 69 is crap IMHO. The 1975 4 speed is much better. You can get it going to 70mph on a down hill with a good wind behind you;p On an old rig like a 69, the steering will be shot, if the PO did not take care of it, and the drum brakes are a nightmare to adjust properly. On the upside, a iron pig is a one of a kind rig! Anyone can go get a minivan. Get a pig and drive it around and people notice you:D I get comments and heads turning almost daily. You will never see that with a minivan:bounce: Part of pig ownership is the uniqueness of the truck, the other part is trying to prevent it from rotting out from rust while you drive it. With a lot of loving affection and $$$$ the FJ55 can be a joy to own and enjoy.
1969 was the transition year for the pig. If it has small turn signal indicators that are horizontal, as opposed to large indicators mounted vertical, it is an early pig. They have a couple of differences. There are a few little parts that are pretty much unobtainable, but newer pig parts are mostly interchangable.
The carbs do not readily crack, but they do turn into crap if never rebuilt. If it is cracked, it was probably dropped whille off the vehicle or smashed somehow. If the pig is an early one, it has a pretty decent and simple one barrel carb. If it is a later 1969, it has some piece of garbage 2 bbl that isn't even worth rebuilding, just replacing with a different year toyota carb. Both though can be rebuilt by the averae 2 1/2 bannana mechanic with a manual.

Another difference in the early vs. late 1969 is the engine. F145 vs. F155, the 155 has a tiny bit more power. On 31" tires, 70 mph is about your max with a good running engine. I got my 1969 F145 engine pig to go 90mph, but you probably shouldn't try that.

If you purchase this fj55, you will probably end up finding a strange attachment that you've never had with any other vehicle. Also, for hauling kids around it is big, roomy, holds lots of gear inside, is very simple mechanically, has virtually zero electronic components, and is reliable..
Welcome to the sty!

Now build on that piggie... and post up with pics so we can all see this beast.
Food for thought, you can and likely will upgrade to disc front brakes (which is not all that hard now with the mini-truck swap), you can find a later 4-speed cruiser tranny (you might like a 2F better than the original F), mini-truck or FJ-60 power steering, and clean it up: should be good to go..

you can search ih8mud and info will fly off the screen at you : )
Thanks for the reply everyone. It sure gave me some things to consider, by the way. Does $1500 bucks seem out of line for a factory 69 rig that's pretty straight, or should I wait it out for something a little newer around the 75 vintage? With power brakes and a 4 speed. Thanks again.
Cost is a relative thing. Sure, that is not a bad price if you think it is worth it! If it is straight, buy it;p A bit of warning though, once you get the pig bug, y o u w i l l n e v e r f i n i s h w o r k i n g o n i t. :) ;p ;) Been there, doing that.
$1500 is a smokin deal if it's rust free-ish.

Drive it, learn to love it, then if you're going to make it a daily driver and over the road hauler - drop a modern drivetrain in it.

If you're Ford guy - 5.0 with an E4OD if you can find an adapter although I really would like to see one with a 4.9L, IMO the best engine Ford ever built.

If you don't get it, hook a brother up and send me some pics. :D
Hey Gumby thanks,

If it sounds like a good deal, I think I'm gonna pick her up as soon as I can. I don't really have any pic's to post yet however as I didn't bring the cam along when I went to look at it. I agree with you as the 4.9 being on of Fords most durable powerplants. The in-line 6 is a great motor seems like no matter the manufacturer. If the F engines are half as good as the 4.9, I would be more than happy with it I think. If the deal falls through I will for sure try to get some info for you guys. The guy also has a FJ 40 with a SBC conversion for around $4500 if anyone else is lookin'. Looked like a nice 40, I just need a piggy soon.
This is somewhat blasphemous, but I think the F is about half the engine the 4.9 was. It's got about half the main bearings, half the horsepower and no E.F.I. (as much as I hate Ford EFI) and half the fuel mileage. I've not had a lot of luck with F motors and reliability. The same can not be said of the 4.9L

If purity is important, then the F is a good motor, the 2F is better and close to correct.
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