All lights and electrical work, sans the radios illumination.

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Jun 16, 2014
Idaho, United States
96 LX450 All the electric and illumination is in working order sans my radio illumination, every single bulb is either burned out (Doubt this) or a power supply to the lights is different than the supply to the actual radio. I assume that the light supply is bad or has a bad fuse. Any hints or tips on what direction I should take? I checked the Radio fuse on the Left Hand side of the rig, it looks excellent, I see no indication that the radio has any other fuses. Thanks ahead of time. I searched the FAQ and went three pages deep in a forum search. Gave up and decided to just ask.
The fuse I checked was under the hood not under the dashboard.
The light is burned out. There's a thread on here somewhere where the guy popped the face off the radio and swapped the eject (or some other not often used) button and soldered in for the back light.

Edit: apparently LC and LX radios are different. The thread below is what I was referencing.
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Skip the bulb replacement. Depending on your budget it's time to upgrade your head unit. Cheapest option is one of the scion units on ebay.
Do the scion radios just plug and play? I don't want to lose half of my speakers.
I lost all my illumination, but that was after I had removed the radio and tried to remove one of the soldered in bulbs (the green ones in the pic below). Prior I was just missing a few of the lights for the station/ track selection. Now I just use my Hella map light to provide illumination. You can also check this thread out, but it's for the LC radio which is different.

Thanks for link! I might just stick with using the map light until I can upgrade the whole system.
I'd guess something is wrong with the radio. Probably some component that regulates power to the illumination is toast. You'd probably have to take it apart and really have some solid electronics troubleshooting skills to fix it.

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