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Sep 12, 2003
Tacoma, WA
Back in 2006 I was spoke with Maarten at All American imports regarding a 1HZ turbo kit on ebay. The kit was interesting because it to be the most complete near-factory kit available including a Nippon-Denso fuel pump boost compensator as fitted to 1HD-T's from factory, which he said I could buy separately for $230 USD which I thought was VERY reasonable, as were the entire kits.

At the time, I had a CT-26 and was planning to just buy a whole kit minus the turbo from him which he said would be no problem. He said I could could buy any individual component of the kit that I needed. Unfortunately, when i received the turbo I had sourced separately it was damaged so I returned it, and ended up putting off installing a turbo until now.

So, my question is, has anyone actually purchased anything from Maarten at All American? He was very helpful and responded promptly to my emails and photo requests when I spoke with him, but that was two years ago now. I am planning to get back in touch with him, but wanted to see if anyone has dealt with him since.

Here's a pic of their 70 series kit...
Maarten is very well regarded by the international 80 series crowd on the 80sCool board. I don't know of anyone that knows and does more with 1H# Toyota powerplants. Nice looking kit.
You don't have anything to worry about with AAI
I purchased several years ago from AAI. I am a satisfied customer.
It's just because I didn't need anything specific from them I have not bought from them since.
However a friend has his rig in maintenance with them, had a (this?) turbo bolted on from them and fine-tuned. He is very satisfied.
In general AAI is very well known in the Cruiser scene here in the Netherlands and regarded as a good and sound company.
need an exhaust manifold for the CT26 turbo, for a 13BT :)
someone ?
glad to hear it! I am really considering one of their kits, but I am leaning toward a garrett turbo vs a CT26 for availability. I would still be interested in a few of their components though.

I'm afraid I cannot be of any help to you. Their shop is about a hundred km's from where I live. Too far away to just hop in for a chat!!:rolleyes:
Here one buddy buy from 'em a 1HZ turbo intercooler kit and all comes fine .. he's pretty happy with the kit. And actually the CT-26 that comes with the kit's looks pretty much as the factory CT-26 that you can see in a factory 1HD-T

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