For Sale ALL ALUMINUM 3-ROW Radiator

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Dec 29, 2011
United States
For Sale... all aluminum 3-Row Radiator for 4WD Toyota Pickup/4Runner 84-95, may fit other models, BUT WILL NOT FIT 2WD Pickup....

Short story, bought it hoping to fit it in my 2wd Pickup, but it is too tall since the 2wd has suspension clearance issues in the front....This radiator is actually deeper/taller then stock, so it will hang down slightly past the lower cross brace on the frame, but still uses the factory mounting points. So I need to return the radiator, or sell it.

I paid $145 for the radiator, and just looking to get my money back. I will ship on your dime, or I'd be happy to meet somewhere in the Baltimore/DC area.

Contact me ASAP, i need to recoup the funds to buy another radiator.
I actually do not know the part number but it will fit the 1st and 2nd gen V6 4Runner. It has the same stock mounting locations, this radiator, like the other higher capacity rads, is taller by about an inch or two. This extra height is at the bottom of the radiator which is why this cannot be used on a 2wd pickup.

Returned the radiator

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