Alignment for 80 series

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Mar 20, 2008
Flower Mound, TX
I've unfortunately come to realize and understand that alignment on the 80 series is not like the average truck - apparently is much more difficult to get right. So much so that my last dealership (that had 20% standing service discounts for TLCA) would only let 2 people in their service shop do it, and the foreman actually preferred 1 guy in particular. I've also found out the hard way that if someone that does not know what they are doing is torquing your TREs during the allignment, they screw up the boots.

Who knows a good shop for aligning an 80 series near N FW or Lewisville / Flower Mound area? Are the Lewisville or Grapevine dealerships any good in your experience?

My setup is slightly altered from stock - 30mm spacers on stock springs in front, OME 862s in back (stock height replacement). I added all of this from stock in the last 3 months or so, now I'm killin the outside of my KM2s.
I have always been happy with DFW Frame and Alignment in Hurst for all my Cruiser and other alignments, including the 80 I used to have:

DFW Frame & Alignment
Isn't there just toe adjustment on the 80? How hard could it be?
Toe and Camber - I don't pretend to understand, but even the Toyota guys say that it takes some orientation and that it is not like the newer trucks, thus the reason they didn't let every tech do it. I'll probably get into my FSM to educate myself. I could use a little light reading.
Toe is the only adjustment that is made, camber is built into the front axle, caster is changed via bushing (arb) or dropped bracketry.....

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