Aligning Doors

Oct 16, 2003
Hey guys...I just put new weatherstripping on all my door. I am pretty satisfied except for the fact that the side of the door with the hinged closes tighly but the outer side has small gaps that I can see light through. Also, the passenger door lacthes but then if I push and pul it alittle the door jiggles as if it weren't closed completely. I have mechanical experience with motorcycles but this is my first car I am trying to bring back to life. How do I get the doors to seal properly, and how do I know if the passenger door has a bad latch or what the problem is. Thanks for the help!
Aug 11, 2003
Fort Worth
I had a similar problem with my doors. I ended up having to adjust the hinges inside the cab near the kick vents. When I drove, my latches would rattle like crazy. To fix this, I put a 2" piece of weatherstripping on top of the door weatherstripping on each side of the door stop - one below and one above (the stop is the part that has 2 screws holding it to the edge of the door that fits inside the striker when closed). This gives the latch some tension against the striker when the door is closed and keeps it from rattling. Worked for me anyways.

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