Alexander Springs trails

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May 19, 2005
Small Waves, FL
Can anyone tell me about off-road trails in the Alexander Springs area. Not looking for anything technical. I just want to drive off-road before/after visiting the Springs with the family.

There are 'trails' ; Forest Service roads.

On your way, stop at any of the forest service visitor center & get a 'topo' for the area you wish to tour- I 'think' Alex..Springs is within a topo called Alexander Springs.
The topo shows trails & stuff...

If you've not been to Ocala NF, while you're in visitor center get 'map of forest', shows the 'larger' trailes - the topo's are more detailes ( USGS 2.5 minute quadrangle maps)

Lots of other areas besides Alex...


alot of roads have been closed but there are still some trails in the alexander springs area, I think ChuckD just hit it last weekend...
Perfect, thanks guys.

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