Alamo City Land Cruisers and TLCA status (1 Viewer)

Jun 14, 2005
San Antonio, TX
Howdy all. I just got off the phone with TLCA and as some of you may have noticed, we (Alamo City Land Cruisers) is no longer appearing in Toyota Trails magazine nor are we considered a TLCA chapter in good standing. This is mainly because of simple documentation that has not been completed yearly with TLCA (chapter standing report) that lists officers and members. We really need to get this resolved so lets discuss at our next meeting. We need to have a list of officers, their TLCA numbers (or they can be looked up if you don't know yours) and make sure all positions are filled. I believe we only have to have four or five paid TLCA members and that should be easy for us to meet. If you're not a TLCA member, please join as we don't have our own membership dues but have always asked Alamo City Land Cruisers members to be TLCA members so we meet their minimum chapter requirements. Also, remember that we're open to ANY Toyota 4x4 vehicle so if you know someone that has a Toyota and might be interested, please invite them to a meeting or Cruisers and brews event. I echo our new Presidents hope that we can start planning some trips of our own soon too. To join or renew your TLCA membership just go to TLCA.ORG and list Alamo City Land Cruisers as your local chapter. Thanks!

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