SOLD Alabama - 2008, Lexus, LX570

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX570
Alabama United States
I have a 2008 LX570 with 154,166 miles. It has the technology package, but no adaptive cruise control. It's been meticulously maintained under my ownership and I now find myself needing a truck, moreover the SUV. Everything works on the vehicle and the most recent services include the timing cover reseal, valve cover gaskets replaced, water pump, spark plugs and tube seals replaced, ceramic tint all around, and new Nitto Tires in 285/r50/20. The vehicle has no reported accidents and ABSOLUTELY no RUST due to being sold new in Alabama and has never left the state in ownership. I'm asking $26,900 OBO.

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 7.45.46 AM.jpg
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perhaps some interior pics and a engine bay piuc? thanks, T
More Pics and Undercarriage video here:
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Why not just post the pics and additional details to this thread?
Hey Bonestock! I find that if people are truly interested beyond the surface of the post/thread, they will most definitely send a direct message or inquire for additional details personally.
Sure, I get that. What color is the interior? A quick post of the inside would’ve saved us some bandwidth.
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