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Sep 2, 2013
Bozeman Montana/North Bend Oregon
I have both Aisan carburetor float plugs that are Strip threads I put some heavy duty foil around the plugs for temporary fix. My question is is best I see the plugs or 11x1mm but I can’t seem to find Heli coil kit for that size. Anybody have any idea where I can pick up this product.?
The foil seems to have stopped the leaking but I’m not gonna chance running improperly repaired carburetor on my phone 71 FJ40 I don’t post here a lot so I’m not up on this site .
Also, I need a source for jets also and I’m not sure which ones go in for my altitude of 5000 feet.

Jul 5, 2005
Ames, IA
I might have a parts carb I could sell you the body off of for less than a helicoil kit. I'll look tonight and pm you if you're interested.

For the jets I would run:

114 Primary
180 Secondary
50/60 or 50/50 slow
and 60 Power Valve

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