Aisan 1 barrel question, idle control solenoid

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Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
i currently have a Aisan small window 1 barrel on a 78 2f with no smog or anything, but the current carb has an idle solenoid on it and its wired up(to the coil if i recall)

question is.....if I change to an Aisan 1 barrel big window with NO idle will work fine....right? the solenoid was just a latter model thing? and the 1 barrels withot the ICS just didn't need it?

my 64 fj45lv has a big window with no idle solenoid...and it works just dandy.

I am asking small window sight glass is busted....and need to stick another carb on it and/or find a new/used sight glass or have one made.

don't think a pic is needed.....but I had one
Correct, if the solenoid is not built into the carb, it is not necessary.

Kind of a small carb for a 2F tho IMHO

it has worked pretty well for the last 14 years, it actually kinda hauls ass

think getting a 2 barrel on is the issue, forget if its the 3 on the tree or the booster/master that is the issue it won't fit.

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