AirDownGearUp SS1: Storage, Sleeper and Drawer System for FJ Cruiser

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Kyle Bell

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Apr 25, 2017
Boulder Colorado
Hello Everyone,

Air Down Gear Up has been selling storage, sleeper, and drawer systems since 2017. We started with Landcruisers, and have since expanded to 4runners and GX's. We are happy to announce we now have an offering for the FJ Cruiser!

As a brief overview of the SS1; it is a storage+sleeper+drawer system. The drawers utilize full-extension, ball-bearing, lock-in and lock-out slides. The system is comprised of CNC cut Baltic Birch with recessed mounting hardware, an aluminum extrusion frame and a solid aluminum 'anchor bar' that secures the system to the vehicle. We remove the vehicle's d-rings and bolt directly into those threaded holes which means the system is mounted directly into the vehicle body. The top of the system includes cargo d-rings to serve as a tie-down point for larger/heavier items. We secure these d-rings with proprietary 3D printed anti-rattle, no-snag 'ramps' to keep everything nice and quiet while not in use. We pride ourselves in this system being completely rattle and noise free. This system is also compatible with our Slide Out Table, providing even more utility from your drawers. I have attached a picture below showing the slide out table on a Landcruiser, which would be the same set up as the FJ Cruiser.

More details can be found at:

We have been able to get a production grade system installed and are ready for the drawers to start going to customers! We are still finalizing the sleeper system, which will require some trickiness to create enough length in the FJ. We are expecting to have sleepers available in the early fall this year.

What do you think!? let us know, we are excited to start serving the FJ Cruiser crowd!




Looks like a quality drawer setup, interested to see the sleeper arrangement.

Excited to see new FJ products!
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Looks like a quality drawer setup, interested to see the sleeper arrangement.

Excited to see new FJ products!
Thanks! We have the sleeper coming ASAP. This will effectively be a 2-stage sleeper, where the first stage will function very much like our existing 4runner (you tube link below for details on that), which will create a surface about 5ft in length. That's not enough for sleeping, but will be generally useful for cargo transport.

The second stage of the sleeper will require the 2nd-row seat bottoms to be removed (pretty awesome that toyota made that a tools-free ordeal!) and will extend another 12+ inches from the 1st stage, creating a useable sleeping platform. Trying to take advantage of every inch possible in the FJ, with that 2nd row seat bottom removed and the front seats slid forward, there should be plenty of room for sleeping!

Hi Everyone,
We have our 'convertible' style sleeper now available! We have been testing our 4Runner-style convertible sleeper for awhile, and are now ready to release. As mentioned in the previous post, this will operate on the same mechanism as shown in the 4Runner video. The biggest difference being the need for additional length. Since the sleeper stows on top of the drawers, which nest behind the 2nd row, there is only so much length available. Because of this, we have added an additional 'flap' to the sleeper that will provide the extra length needed to create a 6ft sleeping area.

The flap isn't capable of supporting full body weight, but is more than enough to support your head/feet, which is its intended purpose. The concept with the sleeper is to allow for full stowed position with the 2nd row up, and then the partial deploy with the 2nd row folded, while preserving the full range of motion of the driver/passenger so that you can drive with the sleeper partially deployed. This is useful for utility purposes like home-depot runs, giving a place for the dogs, etc while driving. To provide the full sleeping length, you slide the driver/passenger seat forward and tilt, which then allows the flap to deploy

With the sleeper fully deployed, we can support a 'standard' 72" length mattress. I've attached a picture showing an Exped megamat duo 10 on the sleeper, which is our go-to mattress. This system can be found here: SS1 - FJ Cruiser -

Keep your eyes open for future updates; we will soon be releasing a 2nd-row-delete static sleeper as well! given the small 2nd row on the FJ, we suspect many people would prefer to delete it completely and gain a TON of additional storage, while greatly simplifying the sleeper. This also opens up the possiblity of creating a ENORMOUS drawers.... think 48inches long....



Based on customer feedback, we have developed a new FJ Cruiser offering: the Mega-Drawer, Seat Delete system! By deleting the 2nd row and utilizing our standard seat delete framework, we are able to get MASSIVE 48in drawers into an FJ Cruiser. This allows you to sneak out every available inch of interior space from the FJ. These very large drawers allow ample storage space, providing enough space to get all your gear stored in a fully and quickly accessible way. The slide are 100% extension, with our standard lock in/lock out function. They are also Slide Out Table compatible, so you can add a workspace as well.

The static sleeper has a fold out flap that allows for the driver/passenger seat to be in their full rear position to allow for comfortable driving. When in camp, the seats slide all the way forward and the flap flips over, creating 6feet of sleeper length. The flap isn't rated for your full bodyweight, but it's more than enough to support your head/feet.

We're excited to have this available, let us know what you think!




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