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Nov 24, 2014
Azle, TX
Hey guys, I’ve searched every way I know to find this, so I apologize when one of you posts the link, but I’ll be eternally grateful.

I’m troubleshooting A blinking SRS light. When I jumper Tc and E1 on the diagnostic port under the hood, I get a 64-open in P/T squib RH circuit. Using the 2004 manual I downloaded (of course I have a 2000...) I removed the Wires from the module and seatbelt. Resistance was .5ohm. So Good.

The next step is connecting the wires back to the module, jumping the seatbelt ends, then clear the dtc memory.

I can’t find a procedure (for the 2000) to clear the code without a reader. The 2004 procedure uses the obd2 port, and involves grounding terminals, etc. Will that work on the 2000? I don’t want to break anything...


Alternatively any suggestions for a good obd Bluetooth reader that will read the Toyota codes. Having a gauge display would be a beneficial excedence!

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