Air Temps on S/C? Where Measured?

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by Scamper, Aug 8, 2005.

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    I was reading a thread on another site (for a different car) regarding the measurement of the air temp on a TRD supercharged system. Someone commented that the air temp should not be measured at the MAF, but at the output end of the blower since this more accurately assesses the temp going into the intake. They were installing an IAT sensor at the end of the blower as it goes into the plenum.

    In looking at the manual for my truck's S/C, it looks like air temps are being measured at/by the MAF--at least I don't see anything to indicate it's being mesaured elsewhere, and I don't see a sensor on the blower. In theory, this kinda makes sense to me since there would be a pretty big difference in air temps between the MAF and intake runner; I just don't have a feel for whether this makes any practical difference in performance or drivabilty, etc.

    So the question I'd have is: would there be any real benefit to installing a temp sensor on the blower output in place of using the MAF? If so, would it even be possible to use an alternative temp sensor (i.e., could this be wired in)?
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    The Cruiser ECU is preprogrammed to expect temps from the MAF. If you start feeding it temps from a hotter source (post-blower) I think you are going to have trouble unless you re-program the ECU. FWIW, I have a supercharged Jaguar XJR that has two temp sensors, one before and one after the SC. Lots of guys have played with resistors to trick the second sensor into thinking its cooler than it is, resulting in better performance when its hot. But on the Cruiser ECU system, which only expects one reading, I am not sure how you could do it properly.
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