Air rail plugs 1968

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Oct 23, 2018
Whispering Ranch Az and SoCal
I now have the air injection rail off of the engine (1968). I see the Allen head plugs from a vendor but it states from year 1975 on. I don't feel like driving all over looking. Who sells the plugs? I believe they are 3/8's NPT. They have them at Home Depot but not with the insert for the Allen head wrench.
Thank you.
Search is your friend...

They're not npt or bspt. They're not a tapered pipe thread and the threads don't make the seal. Although some have gotten pipe plugs to work it's not correct. Since the proper plugs are available, seems like the best choice. When I de-smogged a 2F I got the plugs from Jim C.
Thanks Boys. I did a search, I thought, and did not come up with that. Or, I remain terminally dumbed down from living the 60's and listening to Morrison. find this Jim C, and, my engine is an F, not an F2 if it makes a difference.
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Jim C = FJ40Jim His desmog info "HERE"

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