air raid intake

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Dec 23, 2003
milbridge maine
i recently installed a airaid intake on my 2f.using a weber snorkel plenum to attach to my 38weber .the filter is just off to the side of the radiator,its got a heatshield around the filter to keep out any engine heat,the engine seems to like the extra air being forced in,my question is have anyone else tried this,and am i risking doing any damage to motor?
the basic theory is this: after the engine reaches operating temp, you want the intake air to be as cool as possible (outside of engine compartment) and any boost in flow is a help (as a scoop) long as the engine does not run lean at any point there should not be any damage done :cheers:
Send some PICs
thanks for the advise,i will get some pics soon, the intake is just a ford 4.3l after market airiad with a 4in k&n filter,comes off weber by way of pleum,to rubberhose, as it passes brakemastercyl then picks up intake it goes along apron to side of radiator ,i have 2.5 inch exaust ,the sound aint coming soon.thanks bill :)

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