Air pump/Smog pump

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Sep 14, 2013
Sooke B.C.
So this is a question for anyone, My smog pump seized last week so I went ahead and removed it took all the veins out re greased every thing blocked the two hoses and put it back on. I cant notice any difference, What I want to know is am I going to have any problems ? There is no smog laws here so ok that way. WHAT ELES DO I DO?:meh:

Why did it seize up?
If it was the bearings than you may encounter problems again.

When i desmogged mine the first time my smog pump was still turning fine. I removed the fins and it ran for years with no problem.
Now i have a smog pump eliminator pulley that i got from Fj40Jim.
He has them for sale in the vendors classifieds.
Do you have pinging now that you removed the smog pump?
ok I can fab my own pulley, till then Ive got a spare belt for water pump and alta. I loose my power steering but will get me home, will run the air pump till it fails. thx guys

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