air intake filter system for snorkel

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Jan 11, 2006
I have a supercharged 80 that has a snorkel but is not currently functional.(at the moment the air filter consists of a tube with one of those k&n cone filters on the end iside the engine bay)

i need the part number to one of those enclosed donaldson airfilters that will fit and meet the cfm requirements of the supercharged motor, and also be water proof. dosnt have to be donaldson iany good brand will work.
Get the OEM airbox. Not sure of the part number but you should be able to find one off a parted out 80.

There are three 80's, that I know of being parted out in NC right now. LT1FIRE is parting out one and so is Cruiser Man, both '95 FZJ80's. NCcruiser1970 is parting out a '91

Here's the link

As far as being water proof, get the Toyota gasket replacement kit for the OEM airbox. It is rubber, with enough length to replace both felt gaskets, upper lid and bottom of air box for the catch can aka the tuna can. Just lay it in place with FIPG and cut to fit. The drain on the bottom of the catch can could be plugged, I guess but I'd leave it with the rubber flap to let any water that may have gotten in, out.
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i dont know if the factory air filter will fit, the truck has a dual battery system and the supercharger?
Factory filter will fit. Several members have done dual battery setups and superchargers with the factory air box.

Factory battery position on the 91-92 is on the passenger side, FWIW.

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