Wanted Air Injection Manifold/Rail for 1982 2FE

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Jun 25, 2004
Portlandand Bend, Orygun
Need a complete and serviceable Air Injection Manifold (17306-61021) for a later 2FE.

If you've de-smogged an August, 1980 through September of 1983 2FE (FJ-40 or FJ-60), you have what I want.

Can also use a couple of the Air Injection Unions (90404-14329), if you have them.

Too funny
I just pulled a rail off a 1982 FJ60 about an hour ago.... But the rail is not good...but have Unions...if you dont find them w/rail...give me a PM

What is the spacing like on it? I have one off a 3FE. They are similar I know but I'm not sure if it would bolt up or not?
Need one too

I need a complete one too. If more than one exists, I could use it.


I need a complete one too. If more than one exists, I could use it.



What year?



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I have one I recently pulled off an '82 here in So Cal.

818-953-9230 to follow up.

If the phone is not your thing, I understand.:) Please do not PM me.:)


Mark A.
i have the manifold and the unions from an 83 FJ60 2F that was rebuilt a few years ago, so the parts are pretty new, on a used head i bought a few months back

I just needed the head, but got all that stuff in the deal. I will take some pics and measurements if you would like to be sure this is the one you need.

you can pm me if you like.

I've purchased the air intake manifold offered by Mark, so Swamp60's air rail is now available to the second person interested.
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And kudos to Mark for supplying a very good part - a five minute pickle in Kleen-strip to remove the surface rust revealed as nice an air injection manifold as I'd expect to see, ever.

Thanks, Mark!
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