Air Injection Manifold - HELP!!!

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May 29, 2011
I am in the process of replacing/ rebuilding the Air Injection Manifold on my 1983 FJ 40 (2F) and am stumped by the female compression nuts that attach the rail to the unions. My guess is these nuts are a M13(mm) x 1.5 thread x 8mm tube. Mine are shot and that size does not seem to exist. Any assistance, thoughts, ideas would be greatly appreciated.
It might be easier to find a good used Air Rail in the classifieds "For Sale" section - or post in wanted. Lots of people desmogging their engines.

If the nuts are shot (rusted?) - the rest of the rail is prolly toast, too. They tend to rust out on the side against the firewall, and leak with a puft-puft-puft ...
You should be able to find some used ones at one of the various Cruiser dismantlers. I see Spectre has 'em for sale.
I know Mark at Mark's Off Road has some good used ones - Just saw them the other day. 818-953-9230

My sig line has his website.
got one here

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