Air impact wrench-advice needed

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Feb 15, 2006
Redding, CA
After wrenching on a few bolts on my 71 FJ40, it's painfully apparent I need an impact wrench. Sooooo, since I know zilch about them thought I would solicit some suggestions. Brands, size, sockets, torque, etc. Thanks. Oh yes, and my compressor is oil lubed from Lowe's and is 5.7 at 90# and 6.8 at 40# and has a 30 gal tank.
I've got this one from Sears. Don't know how it stacks up to others, but it's gotten every rusty bolt off that I've ever asked it to. I have a smaller compressor but similar CFM. You might buy a set of metric impact, and deep impact sockets, and then the larger ones one at a time as you need them. Also get a variety of extensions and swivels. I also have an air ratchet, but have never used it.
Got a IR 2115ti for Christmas. It's 3/8" and very lightweight yet still has 260 ft/lbs for removing those stubborn fasteners.

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The IR titanium series are very, very nice. Almost too powerful (they will throw a socket off hard) and are very light.

I have used the hell out of a Craftsman Professional wrench for a few years, it is fine. It is the same as the husky one.

Many of the lower-end wrenches are the same, across brands, just rebadged chinese stuff.
For a good all around home 1/2" gun the IR 231 series guns can't be beat, more powerful than most will need and with proper care will last a lifetime. The newer design plastic guns 2131 & 2135 are lighter weight and more powerful, but more expensive and slightly less reliable.

For 3/8" guns the IR 2112 & 2115 plastic guns are awesome, light weight, very powerful and compact.
Dont think you are looking for this but I use a battery powerd impact gun for on the trail. It cuts time in half when crap is busted.
I have a IR 231 thats 15 years old. works ok. Not that strong, compared to todays market
The new IR titaniumns are the strongest. Matco tools has thier name on some of them.
Great guns, except what i dont like is the excessive run off.

the one i use daily is a Snap On XT7100.
i copyed and pasted this from the site:
Impact Wrench, Air, Super Duty, Magnesium Housing, 1/2" drive (50-700 ft. lb.

sounds tuff. low grrrr sound. well balanced. you can put a quarter on to of it and bring it to full throttle, and it wont fall of.
best of all no run off. when you release the trigger, the anvil stops. Unlike any of the IR's

probly one of the most expensive. but my gun kicks the ass out of every other gun the techs have in my shop.
My vote is for the IR 2135ti. Love mine.
Get ready to spend $$$$$$ on the sockets, swivels and extensions.
Oh adn I have an electric B&D wrench I picked up at a pawn shop for $ awesome.

Probably stolen:grinpimp:

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