Air getting into injector pump

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Apr 7, 2020
Hello guys , I dropped my hj60 fuel tank to work on my frame and once everything was re installed I-

1-emptied water separator
2-bled air from bleeding port by the fuel filter until there was a good jet of diesel.
3-bled from injector pump bleeding port until I couldnt hear any air coming out.

The truck started fine and ran for about 5 minutes and stalled like it just sucked air.

Cracked the fuel filter bleeding port and air got out right away , pumped till no air and got to the injection pump and primed till no air.

Exact same issue, stalled after 5 minutes , was running very smooth for these 5 minutes.

Re did the whole thing about 5 times and same thing happens.

Seems like air is getting sucked in the system but can't see any leaks.

Only leak is from the priming pump when I pump it but it doesn't when I screw it back on.. which makes me think it couldn't suck air from there.

Have not cracked the injectors to bleed but if the truck runs fine for 5 minutes , I suspect that it's getting some fuel.

I checked every connections and clamps from the fuel tank to the injector pump.

Truck was running fine before taking the gas tank down.

Any help would be appreciated.
Leaky hand priming pumps are famous for leaking air while in the screwed down position. They also pump air into the system while you use it. Get the Bosch hand primer for Merc diesels for $20. No mods needed

Air will often enter the fuel system without fuel seepage because the fuel system is in vacuum.
The fuel pickup assy at the tank is known to develop pinholes and allow air from this location as well. What condition was it when you removed the tank?

This thread has the bosch primer part numbers if needed.

Thanks for that ! I realised it was rusted out before seeing your post. That's my problem 100%.

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