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Jan 26, 2005
in the garage
i'm in need of a compressor that pushes 10-20 cfms

prefferably a two stage, but not for sure.
this is to run my bender mainly.

i've borrowed a 5hp(right :rolleyes:) craftsman and it is way slow 5-6 cfms.

i've looked around and have seen the Puma brand at harbor frieght and the General compressors. any input on those?
alSo the Husky at HD
haven't been to lowes yet.

Wow, 10-20 cfm @ 90 psi is a lot of air. You're talking a big compressor here, hope you have a 240V place to wire it up. You're definitely talking 2-stage.

I have a 60 gal Porter-Cable, 9.7 cfm, I'm very happy with it. But, I've compared it to the similar Husky and Kobalt models at HD & Lowes, I bet they all come out of the same factory, it's just the color of paint they are spraying that day that makes the difference.

Don't go cheap on the accessories like regulators and filters/dryers (this stuff doesn't come with the bigger compressors). The regulator on mine pisses air out the vent now, I gotta replace it with a better one.
Porter cable has a 2 stage 15cfm @90. My local farm and fleet sells it for $800. No clue if it's any good.
IR has the SS5L5 single stage 18 cfm @90. You can get these for around 850-900.
IR SS3l3 is around 10 CFM and runs abour $600 I think.

I've read good/bad about Lowes units. Seems like some have had issues getting service. Kind of hard what to believe off a few reviews on the internet.

I believe KLF is correct, most of the cheaper pumps come from the same few vendors. Most likely the quality is similar.

I've been keeping an eye on Craigslist for a used Champion or IR or the like, but every time I see one for a decent price, its gone by the time I call.

Personally I would stick with the bigger names, my assumption is if it takes a dump you'll have an easier time getting parts then a lowes/HD rebrand.
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Quincy, Devair, ( Atlas Copco), IR. All good compressors.

Buy it once and never buy again.

A true 20CFM 5-7hp motor will put you up over the $2000 range new. I went two stage with high PSI and lower CFMs. It's an Atlas (rebadged Devair) and I love it. 100% duty cycle, quiet and lots of air. 7 year warranty on the pump.

Build two franzinator water seperators in series(google it) and run copper lines for any hardlines. Always go up before you come down, install a drain at every drop.

if you can't find it in google I can upload some pictures for you.
great info guys, thanks.

i'll mainly be using it to run my bender and maybe some sandblasting.
probably just run it with a hose for now.

much appreciated :)
Quincy compressors are the best. Ingersoll Rand.... I'd never own one. I've seen too many IR compressors die. Quincys will run forever if you maintain them. They're used for compressed air in the offshore deep sea diving industry.
5 HP, 2-Stage, 60-Gallon Vertical Air Compressor

Had it for two years now and am happy with it. My air tools are very air conserving though, 4cfm tops as it is used for mechanic work. The compressor unit is OVERKILL for what I needed but wanted something durable and have good resale if it came to that point.
Here's a schweet line of compressors which I've heard nothing but good about. I've no personal experience other than through research. I'll be going with one of theirs when it's time for a new comp.
Eaton Compressor & Fabrication Inc.
Buy it once and never buy again.

Can't make it any more simple than that. Keep lookin on Craigslist for slightly used 2 stage *reputable named units. I found a new "overstock" Speedaire 2 stage 80 gal. 23 CFM @ 175 PSI. Not that I needed all that but wait till you DO need it. Don't try & save $$$ on a cheaper brand w/ similar output.

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