Air compressor mount locations

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Mar 8, 2006

I have my compressor mounted on the drivers side of the motor, but I am going to add a 2nd battery. I need to move the compressor to another location. I would love to see where people have mounted their compressors at.

I have mounted my tank in the rear along my slider, with some added protection it sits high and should not get bashed by rocks and such, but I don’t feel safe leaving my compressor out in the elements.

The compressor I have is the ExtremeAir its got some girth, Dimensions: 16" long x 6" wide x 9.5" tall
but I would not say its huge.

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I mounted mine on the passenger side fender next to AC lines. I can post a picture later. Also I think 2badfjs makes a mount that bolts to the frame rail and has a platform on top you can bolt it to. There are some old threads with pictures somewhere.

I was actually at Jim's house when we figured out how to make this mounting pedestal. he said...hmmm, I have some scraps around here, let's see what we can make. The rest is history.

it bolts to existing holes in the frame on the PS. very slick install and takes like 10min. check the last link in the post above.


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