Air cleaner to carb 25mm gap! 1978 2F

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May 12, 2008
Perth, Western Australia
I've just found an old air cleaner from someone wrecking a 1977 FJ40 - this was to replace a really sketchy home made filter system. I thought it would drop straight in but with everything in place there is about an inch gap between the air cleaner and carb. It's not an original carb. I think it's very similar to the trollhole version but bought in Australia.

My motor is definitely a 2f from 1978. Early style valve cover. Head is the same year by the looks of it. There is an insulator spacer under the carb.

I can't just relocate the bracket where it is bolted to the air cleaner as if it's lowered the bowl will touch the exhaust.

Is there a different air cleaner that I needed or is there an adaptor available? Any other thoughts?




That looks like an air cleaner from an F motor. The 2F air cleaner has the element over top of the valve cover and not in a canister off to the side like the one in your pic.
My bad - probably should have mentioned this is an Australian FJ40. No smog issues or any of that added complexity.
Could still be an F motor air cleaner though. Thanks.
When I installed/used a Trollhole carb while my '77 Aisan was being rebuilt, it came with a spacer. Here is a photo:

Thanks mate,

I think it's the wrong year air cleaner for my set up. In the pic below the arm angles up - others I've seen are fairly straight.

I couldn't find any off the shelf spacers on line, so a quick trip to Bunnings, 30 mins with a dremel, some pvc plumbing fittings and some pvc cement and she's done.


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