Air cleaner lid diameters

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Apr 30, 2021
Does anyone wanna measure what they have and state what model it's from?

I'm getting ready to turbo a BJ44. They have really long intake tubes on the air cleaner lid (top one in picture) which doesn't work so great for me. I bought a random air cleaner lid online (from an unknown model) thinking I could use it, it's too big... I'm hoping to throw something on and avoid modding parts!

BJ44 air cleaner lid is 11" diameter at outermost edges
Mystery cleaner lid is 12 1/8" at the outermost edges

I don't know the exact diameters, but the 60 series through 80 series lids and canisters are all interchangeable. I have a 60 series canister (the tilted version), with an FZJ80 lid on mine.
Hmm it sounds like mine is the oddball model then. I'm going to carefully attempt swapping the tops. Thanks for the input guys!

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