Air Care on a diesel

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Jan 30, 2005
S. Surrey, BC
Hi Gang,

Anyone know how tough it is for a diesel (13BT) to pass Air Care? I heard the test is for opacity only and that they test at idle.


No they don't test at idle only, they rev the hell out of the little diesels. As long as the
13BT doesnt smoke too much, you will have no problems passing. My old 3B was always really low, almost zero when on biodiesel though.
I wouldn't frete about it.
They reved mine up to 2000rpm last year without driving it and tested opacity, they just used my stock gauge as well.

The times before though it was pretty funny watching the girl try to shift the SOA 60 during the test, she went from third back to second and damn near caught some air:crybaby:

But when she tried s***ing from 1st to reversed wasnt so funny :mad: , THat remindesmy I still havent changed my tranny fluid.:ban:

I've had my BJ60 since BEFORE AirCare was dreamed up by the idiots in Victoria. It has NEVER even been close to 1/2 of maximum no matter how they've tested it over the years from idle, constant speed, imitiation drive etc. etc.
Aircare Update

Just to update you because any prospective JDM purchasers might have a worry about testing..... they shouldn't...

I had my '88 BJ74 tested last week. They were very nice to me. After the test, I asked if I had passed. The guy smiled and said, "Of course, no problem, its a Toyota."

The maximum opacity reading is 30%. The average pass reading is 13.8%. My 13B-T passed at .86%. Not bad. :)

Ya 3b guys could always turn down there fuel settings too. I imagine anyone of the diesels could do this. If you were a smoking truck. But if you don't have a pyro I would pay very close attention to how much you turned it. So when you go back to previous setting you don't over do it.
The ONLY AirCare issue I've had with the diesel is my old '84 I had before I replaced the engine. It had so much bypass that sometimes it looked like a fire was starting under the hood! They wouldn't let it in the station till it smoked less. Fortunately it had it's good and bad days so I just waited for a good day and it passed!

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