Air box lower hole capping - what to use?

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Feb 9, 2007
Nixa, MO
I fab'd my air box (had it done) so the intake comes off the passenger side for the snorkel. so, the hose off the exhaust to the bottom of the air box tube doesn't connect to anything.

I can't find any pvc end caps or rubber caps to fit. it needs to be a 2-3/16" ID. any ideas how to water-tight seal this hole, without doing more welding? what have some of you done?

You need to show us pic's of the completed air cleaner.

As for your question, try McMaster-Carr

Search for "caps", but specifially check out page 3690 (shrink-to-fit cap) or 3691 (tapered cap for one that might fit inside the hole, then seal it with silicone or some other sealer).

And seach for "rubber stopper", specifically page 1998 (rubber expandable pipe plug), 3694 and 3695 (varioius rubber and plastic stoppers).
Don't want to weld? Wrap it in duct tape :)

here is the box on the truck. this is pre-engine rebuild and desmog, but the airbox is the same.
the "flap" that opens and closes inside of it, how water-tight is that? i'm guessing not very.

its part of the HAC or HIC, both of which don't really do much on the airbox since it is flipped. is my thinking right?


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