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Jan 5, 2005
So the plan is to install some bags in the rear of my 60. I have been noticing over the last few months that my Cruiser has really started to squat in the rear. I've added quite a bit of weight back there so I'm not surprised. The leaf packs already have a ton of leaves so I thought I'd take care of the sag with air. In fact I may eventually remove some leaves allowing more adjustability with the bags.

My goals on going to bags are to:
1.Gain some lost height back.
2. Be able to compensate for heavy loads
3. Get some ride height adjustability
4. Prevent some axle wrap.

I am currently running OBA with a chrysler compressore. I plan to run an additional tank to the 3 gallon I have now.

For controls of the bags I will split them front to back to begin with. I plan on just doing the back first.

From there I need to find a valve with a joystick styler control that will allow me to add air or release it from the bag. I'm thinking the ones used to control hydraulic cylinders is the styler I'm after. That or some solenoid valves that will operate from a momentary switch. I'd like to keep it simple though and go manual valves.

I've got some firestone bags selected and will try and order them soon. I'll be mounting them between the frame rail and leaf pack. My first questions is on what side of the axle. Being that one of my goals is to reduce axle wrap I was thinking installing the bag behind the axle would place a certain tourque on the axle that would be oppisite to the tourq of the pinion? Any thoughts? It may not help axle wrap after all but its worth a try.

The bags I selecected have min height of 5.4" and max of 16". They were designed to ride in the 10-12 inch length. Currently I have about 11" betweeen the frame and springs so it should be about right.

So now for the list of questions:

Any one else done this?

Will it work with the leaf set up?

In front or behind axle tube mounting?

Should I mount it elsewhere?

What about plumbing?

Do I need to isolate the bags from side to side?
My thought is off road it would be good to not have them isolated. That way when one side is compressed, climbing a rock or something, the other side would want t extend and keep the truck level....almost force flex.

On road though when turning corners you would create body roll == not good.

Any valve Ideas?

Sorry for the long post.
Hey, it can be done, you can get parts from any of the lowrider airbag sites (there is quite a few out there), you definately want to keep them seperated or you will get a ton of body roll. I dont know how airbags would limit axle wrap, unless you run anti-wrap bars, or 80 series suspension.

You want to run the airbags as close to the tires without interference through articulation as you can, but wherever they will fit nicely.

I have airbags on all four corners of the 80, but it is a different suspension system (coils and such) before the modifications.
Try this link. This is the best looking setup I have seen on a 60 series.

Bags would be cool, but do you really need them? If you're still sprung under, I can't imagine that you're having trouble with axle wrap. What kind of weight have you added? What springs are you running? Their are plenty of rigs out their with aftermarket bumpers and storage that are running leaves without issue.
One other reason I'd like them is for the adjustability. I barely fit in the garage now and with 34's or 35's I'll need a little extra room. I thought the bags may let me move it around. I ordered a pair of bags today that might be in tomorrow for mock up....
I'm pretty certain that a few of the RMLCA guys in Calgary have done air bag set-ups. Not sure of what particular configurations they've run though (bags only, bags and leafs, bags and coils..). Peter's Behemoth comes to mind right away. A quick PM to Lowenbrau might get you pointed to a build thread or two. IIRC, MarkW has mentioned running bags on the rear of his 40 as well.
Im planning on doing this for my rig in the next two to three weeks...
I too sag a lot when hauling my trailer, pass and gear...

Will you be welding them up or bolting, or both ?

Im putting mine on the front of the axle.. I dont do much wheeling so I cant help yah on that...
Post some pics when you get to it.. I'll probably post some if I get this done anytime soon?

What kit did you order.. I know Dshock used the ARK3004

But dont know what he redesigned when it broke on him....

Cheers !! :beer::beer:
You would be much better off designing your mounts to accomidate the bags that best fit your situation.

There are tables out on the net that give you the spring rate and compressed/extended lengths..
mine were ordered from a truck shop. I just looked at firestones catalog and ordered from that. Mine will be wide at close to 7 incher diameter. They came to about $120 a bag. I'll be making a hinged bottom mount I think siilar tot he link to allow max droop. I didn't figure any of the spring rate stuff....I'll be sure to take lots of pics as I go.
I've got AIRoverLeaf: Air Ride Technologies - on the rear of my 62 with OME medium with the second leaf removed. Most of the time I run them empty. My I'm loaded down I add 15-20psi. Adds to the stability and ride quality. Nice and not very expensive. I don't have a controller hooked up, I just manually air them up when I need to with my ARB compressor. It doesn't take any time to add 20psi.
Bags are In

Got them installed last night. A friend broke the stinger on my arc machine so I 110migged them for now. Everything is under compression so it should be fine for a few days.

Bags were installed on top of leaves and mount to frame. There is a cradle that is holding them centered on the bottom spring. I may clamp them here eventually but want to do some more testing first.

Here are a couple pics...

View from rear


view from front


tire clearance


Top Mount







The ride is really better than expected. Went for a quick cruise last night with 35psi in them and the ride in the rear felt cleaner if that makes sence. It was a touch stiffer but not tons. Less body roll as well.

Currently these are plumbed to shrader valves. I eventually want to plumb them to valves that can be adjusted via switched or levers. I also want to plumb a valve that will allow them to talk. Meaning as one compresses it puts air into the other. Thought this might help off road.

I'm able to get a 3" change in ride height with these. The manufacture says to operate them in the 10-12" range. At 35psi there at 11. Pretty happy with the results so far.

Now I'll try and squeeze them up front. Then I might squeek in 35's. I did air them up to about 60psi last night and mounted a firends 37. Cool. I think the shocks may be my limiting straps right now though===bad.
I also want to plumb a valve that will allow them to talk. Meaning as one compresses it puts air into the other. Thought this might help off road.

Really bad idea actually, Imagine what would happen on sidehills..
I'm curious about this as well.

I too have bags on all 4 corners. But I find the ride kinda harsh unless I have like 1000 lbs in the back or towing with tongue weight.

Very handy to drop the bags, hook up to a trailer then air up, leveling your rig!

I once stuffed the back of my 60 with 1900lbs of scrap. Rode real nice with about 70 psi in the rear bags.
My bags are ebay specials. 150 I think I paid for all 4. Little different than the style with crown on bottom.

I have them tied together L-R. Unfortunately this leaves the sag in the leaves.

The leaves: original 250k mile saggers.

I cut all the springs out but the top two leaves. I did however leave all the spring on the front half of the rear leaves. Did this to hopefully avoid axle wrap.

Rancho rs9000 rear shocks set to stiff. They helped but still bumpy. Front shocks are cheap Gabriels. Needs more rebound in the front



Why did you do this???
I used these to replace the old air bag set up I had. They are so much better.


Old setup and new one

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