AI system FSM is vague

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Mar 13, 2008
Does anyone know which side of the air pump blows and which side takes in air. The FSM is not very clear and does not give details on this. Does the hole closest to the passenger fender blow air? Reason I ask is b/c I need to figure out if my smog pump is working.
If the lines were hooked up right, which it is hard to hook them up backwards then you can look and the small one the goes up to the ABV on the fender is the output and the longer one that goes up to air cleaner is the input. You can pull the input off the air cleaner while it is running and see if it is pulling air with your hand over it.
What Kevin said. The port on the back of air pump that is closest to the engine should blow and the port closest to the fender should suck.
Thanks...yes i could feel the sucking from the line from the air cleaner. Thanks for the help

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