Ahh, a new home....

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Yeah, major thanks Woody! With the loss of the SOR forum, I was scared for a while I wouldn't have a cruiser forum to constantly read!

-H- is right, this is gonna work just fine once I get some stronger reading glasses. :eek:

I think I'll kick off my shoes, lean back in the old easy chair and make myself at home.

Thanks Woody!
Same here, even though I don't have an 80 yet I am glad I will still get to read some Beonese, get some Rogue logic, and maybe some Cruiserdan part numbers to take note of! Maybe wrench will continue his legacy of one word posts with huge quotes too!
Edit: Forgot to add that I was formerly known as Cruiserman233 at SOR.com. Got sick of the numbers and people referring to me as crsmn233 ;)
I will be around to offer up some Rogue logic for a long time to come hopefully.

I am glad that us 80 owners got picked up by woody so quickly. Thanks woody.
I know you were all worried :eek: but I made it over here too :D
Glad we have a place to come to post-SOR

Ben S
93 FZJ80
This forum is so cool!! :D
Hum, I've tried to re-enter the forum twice and Explore has hung up, just stopped working, froze like the good old Win 95 days...hum, and also seems to squish the photos, time to reformat mine.

Well, with any luck Junk won't be able to post all his obnoxious little icons! :D
Is the SOR one completely down already?  I just tried to go to it and it redirected me here, but I was able to go there still a little earlier today and it said it would go down on the 1st of April...  Anyways, I'm lookin' for CruiserDan?  Did he make it over here yet?

Oh and to all you NEWBIES :D, welcome. :D
Ben, No it is not down yet. April first. But I think everyone is already migrated over here. So I guess this is the place!
Not to worry ferg, or maybe you should.......... :D

I made it........

Our little project is doing just fine.....

Another former SOR member makes the transition.

Thanks for your support Woody, much appreciated by all.
:p I like it ....

T ( off to poke around here a little .... )
thanks Woody!!!!! glad to be here with everybody....

douglas hunt
Awright, new digs. And I can even change my lame handle :D. By the looks of it life will continue as normal, very likely even better.
Sean, formaly known as seanlx450.
I'm here and I'm not even SOR about it. :D
I like our new home... but.... 80 owners and 100 owners together in the same forum? There's going to be some 100 owners with bruised egos before too long. ;)

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