AHC rear shock top bracket removal

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Sep 20, 2018
So I got the shock out...that was fun, but that little bracket with the fluid line is still up there. How is everyone removing it?

I can't seem to get enough room to cut it with a dremmel, nor can I seem to pull it back towards the front and then remove it.

What does everyone do? I guess I can leave it, but it will bang around off road.

OME spring installed:
I just finished this, and it was the worst part of the whole job. I had to cut the peg that attaches to the top of the shock a second time to get it as short as possible. Then I spent literally hours trying to slide them out of the whole and forward towards the front of the vehicle. The passenger side wasn't bad, but the driver's side took me forever. On the driver side, I unbolted the fuel (or brake) line bracket to help move it out of the way. Those lines snake right up on top of the shock and don't budge much... unbolting the bracket helped. IIRC I also snaked the line down the fuel tank between the frame the back side of the fuel tank. It was a SON of a B#$%@, but I finally got it and was able to cut the shock bracket off the line. I can take pics if you need it.
Wow! I wouldn't mind seeing pics.

I'm working on the front suspension now and it seems pretty easy to cut them off. I was going to tuck the rears as far back as I could and just abandon them in place. Is it worth taking the time to get them out?

I'm hating this OME lift install to be honest. Everything about the serviceability of the suspension is a complete joke and a waste of time. Every turn seems to require some "trick" to do the task quickly. Whether it be removing the upper AHC line bracket from the shock to pressing out the upper and lower control arm bushings, everything just takes so much time to learn the stupid tricks. I'm hoping the passenger side installs significantly quicker.

I know part of that is because I'm not a master mechanic, but I'm not exactly a newb either.
Here’s the drivers side. Pic of where I got the hose and bracket pulled to and where I cut it off.

Here is the fuel line bracket that I removed to help get the bracket pulled through.

And here is where I got the pass side bracket pulled to.

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