AHC Question and Concern

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May 3, 2009
San Diego, CA
I am about ready to pull trigger on a 2006 Cruiser with AHC or an LX 470, my plan is to install ARB safari guard, winch, rear ARB bumper with swing out tire carrier. Will this extra weight cause the AHC to sag... Please advise.

Thanks in advance

it wont sag, but you'll want to replace the torsion bars and rear springs to regain load carrying capacity.
which type OME spring would you recommend, and have you had any leak issues with your AHC system.

I'd recommend stock oem stuff ome would be oversprung, hoser is running 80 rear springs with his AHC
What about using springs from a non AHC equipped 100 series? Would that affect the ride quality on road?
might be oversprung unless you're carrying and elephant in the back at all times. I've got used non-AHC 100 series springs in the basement, waiting till I get drawers to put them in.
Did you change your t-bars or springs?

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