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Feb 28, 2022
Robbins, North Carolina
180k, new ahc globes, pressure adjustment via tech stream and torsion adjustment, rear spring spacers, new fluid.

What I've noticed is some "jerking " while the ahc is adjusting. Any ideas on what it may be? Seems to be the rear, possibly a bad ram?
Perhaps air in lines
Air. You mentioned new globes.
Bleed the system, it will take either several bleeds or hot/cool cycles and tanks of gas to get all the air out.

Make sure you aren’t letting air in from the bleeders (make sure they aren’t over-bled before being repressurized.) Paddo&Indrocruise AHC flushes are good reads for the matter.

If fluid costs aren’t a problem, you could probably do 2 cans per tank of gas until the plunges/dips/jerks from AHC height adjustment disappears. (Drop it to 1 can per tank of gas when the AHC system is almost fully primed)
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I'll spend what I have to get it right as I love the ahc. I bled it again and the accumulator had some air but the globes were solid fluid. I'll keep working it, I have another can of fluid
I found that it’s important to make sure you’re opening bleeder valves to their maximum flow and being closed shut rapidly.

The pressure from fast moving fluid breaks bubbles and takes heavily foamed fluid to your bleeder valves. The bleeders should drain clear pink fluid.

You only have to be next to the truck, not under the truck through the entire bleed for safety from the height drop.

It’s somewhat similar to brake bleed, except that you’re working with the AHC ECU to build and relief hydraulic pressure than using a mechanical pedal to do so.

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