Ah, the old clutch issue... to dual friction or not to D.F. that is this question!!

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Oct 25, 2005
Hagerstown MD
I'm trying to figure out which clutch to use. 2F all stock for now, future plans may include a header and a cam shaft.

I done a few searches and turned up no feedback on engagement issues with the dual-friction clutches. Do they engage much differently than the regular clutch and the standard centerforce clutch?

Is the D.F. worth the extra 50 bucks?

Throw out bearings--- are they all the same or does the centerforce require a special bearing?

The truck had a DF centerforce in it but the disc and flywheel were pretty torn up. I'm having the flywheel truned properly in a two step surface turning. My machinst told me this was the reason the disc burnt up the flywheel surface to begin with.

I will be wheeling this rig at Paragon and other places occasionaly, I plan to drive the $hit out of it, especially during the summer with the top off. BUT, this is not going to be strickly a trail rig. I want it to be a streetable as poss. Power steering and 33x9.50's

Well guys, I need your help again, please give me the skinny here. while money is not the big issue, it still helps to be realistic with ones needs and not go overboard. Thanks a million, Kenn
unless you're planning to rev that 2f up to 9k rpm, at which point you'll see rods poking through your hood, you'll be fine with a regular old toyota clutch disk....

get that baby ready for Coal Miner...

Don't be suckered by the Centerforce or dual friction hype - you don't have enough power to make your clutch burn up, and no clutch will work that well against a warped flywheel

Just go with a LUK clutch and be done with it - I have had good luck with that brand in other vehicles that actually make horsepower and torque - they are a good clutch for the money

Seems like there was a 'MUD member that had the LUK hookup - I'll try to remember who but don't hold your breath
haystax, Georg, aka Orangefj45, recommends Luk clutches as well. I think he has the "hookup" you speak of.
4x4Poet said:
haystax, Georg, aka Orangefj45, recommends Luk clutches as well. I think he has the "hookup" you speak of.

That does sound right - you might try a PM and see, it's been a while but that name rings a bell
I'm not sure what job Georg has now, but he used to work in some sort of transmission shop or parts place. Everybody in Kali knows exactly what.

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