agh! real time help!

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Nov 7, 2006
Sugarloaf, CO
so heres my problem

im replacing the fan clutch on my 86 60... while the fan and shroud are out, im checkin belts and disconnecting my ac (its making bad noises and i never use it)... so everything is looking good, except when i spin the smog pump, i can hear pieces rattling around, and it sometimes catches and stops...

i dunno how it didnt sieze while i was driving, but i dont wanna take the chance anymore... as im planning a desmog soon, i figure i may as well devane it and run it just as an idler pulley.

what i need to know:

how does one remove and strip down the smog pump (i know basically i unbolt it, but is there something i wouldnt think about automatically), and what all am i gonna affect by having a smog pump that doesnt pump anymore? will i need to make other adjustments?
figured it out...

sure enough, broke a vane, so i tore the guts out, left the barrel thing and the rear bearing in place, and put it all back in (with the hoses reattached)

surprisingly simple to do... and so i guess ive involuntarily started my desmog:hillbilly:

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