Aftermarket seats

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Jan 2, 2003
Syracuse, Utah
there are lots of seats from other cars that will work really well if you're on a budget. I recently used some Honda Civic seats for my truck. nearly bolted right in. I had to redrill the holes for the rear mounts but that's it. Turned out great in my opinion.

Acura Integra seats work well too. I've heard really good things about Toyota Supra seats.

If you really want to go with aftermarket ones, the Beard Racing or PRP seats are super nice if you're after a racing bucket.

If you want a nice bucket style seat, that isn't quite as "racer" as a Beard or PRP, I really like the Procar Rally's. I had a set of them in my FJ40 and they are great seats. But are not made for big people. If you're over 190lbs you might find them too tight. I weigh about 160* and they were perfect for me.

Here's the Civic seats in my '93
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