Aftermarket Master Cyl?? Rebuild?

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Feb 17, 2002
Need a few opinions based on experiences.

I need a new MC. Aftermarkets are $100, OEM are at least $200.

I there really a big difference?

If the bore in my old one is decent, would an OEM kit be OK?

It's a late 70's mc on my 68 FJ40.


A rebuilt MC is a waste IMHO. They almost always leak..

The aftermarket MC's are not a bad deal as long as they are not rebuilt..

Hit Cruiserdan up out here....

Lasted 25 years and will likely last that again.

Good luck!

Old thread but hoping new options may be out there now? So...looking for peoples "real experiences" please.

I need a new Master Cylinder - No doubt in my mind OEM is the best but are super pricey. As I look online there's the typical options between rebuilt ones, rebuild kits, aftermarket....
What are experts latest thoughts ?- Who has had you had luck with options other than OEM?
This may or may not help. I just bought a rebuilt master for a 1993 fj80 from advanced auto (I purchased it for a rear disc conversion on my '78). It ended up being a rebuilt aisin. It was around $50-60 after the 20% discount for ordering online, if I remember correctly. I don't have many mikes on it but it is functioning perfectly thus far.
I have had both good and bad luck with remans. Kind of the luck of the draw.. If your current one is basically in good shape, buy a rebuild kit and tear yours down.

It is not hard, and is a good education on how these things work.
Gotten a few from napa over the years....never had one fail. The last 2 were Aisin, on aisin in boxes.
I ordered 2 master cylinders off Rock Auto a while back as spares. I picked a certain brand because I could tell from the photos online that they were Aisin in another brand box. When they came in, they didn't look anything like the Aisins in the photo. I called the distributor and they said they used to sell Aisin but now they were making their own version. I sent them both back for a refund. Aisin only for me and my 79.

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