Aftermarket LED Bulbs causing fast turn signal, cancels cruise control and now buzzing

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Mar 1, 2019
Gatesville Texas
I just replaced my exterior bulbs to come LEDs from Headlight Revolution, curtesy lights, break lights, reverse lights, turn signals. First my turn signals seems much faster to blink, when I user the turn signal it cancels the set cruise control speed, and now after maybe two weeks I started getting a weird bussing sound when using the right turn signal. Anyone else have issues changing bulbs to LED?
Check the threads listed below 'Similar Threads'. It could be a few things but most are resolved with a flasher relay for leds. There are several threads about this issue that should help. Good luck.
Just stick to oem lights and call it a day.
If you change the brake lamp bulbs back to analog the CC won't cancel.
Change the flasher relay to the one referenced above.
I spent a bit of time trying to add a diode into the system, but I just changed bulbs and went on my way.
Anyone got video on where this is at and how to do it? I go a flasher but I only see other series on YT like 100 series, not seeing a 80 series walk through. I got an image of someone saying they did it to their 80 but I have no idea where that is. I have the whole lower dash off, and the metal trim behind it off. Only thing that looked right at first was denso 056700-8250; obviously not it when I un plugged it. I’m looking for item 7 on the first picture. I assume that’s it. Second picture is someone said this was it on their 80, 3rd is not the right part after taking it out. 4th picture is where I’m looking but I’m not seeing it.





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