Aftermarket headlight questions

Apr 26, 2003
Mountains of WV
A buddy of mine just switched over to HIDs in his vw rabbit, and gave me the lights from his car. He is dropping them by tommorrow. They are the ones with the replaceable bulb (Hella H4s I think). He said they are 55w. Do i need to beef up the wiring or run a relay to use these in my cruiser? I remember seeing a post about this a couple of months ago but I cant find it.. I dont want to burn wiring, but it will be cool to have the updated lights and get rid of my sealed beam stuff.



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Dec 4, 2003
Roanoke, VA
good question. After my rewire i installed superstars in my 40. i think the wiring will be ok just depends on how many amps they pull.
Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
These are the lights I use in my 71. SOR sells them for that use. I have had them for a year-and-a-half. The only possible issue that I have is that when I have a trailer hooked up with running lights, the fuse blows. I honestly don't know if it is the headlights or the overall wiring. (My solution is to run a separate circuit for the trailer lights.)


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Oct 1, 2003
55W is the usually the low beam side, and you should be fine with them. If you go to a higher output lamp, 80/110W or 90/145W, I would suggest looking into a aftermarket headlamp loom, or making your headlamps operate on a heavier wiring system using relays.

Good luck!

Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
Depends on the year of your Cruiser, if its an oldey like a 67 then even the H-4 55/60 watts bulbs could blow a fuse, headlight harness upgrade is needed. On my 78, 82's, 86, ect.....I have run the H-4's with 55/60 with the stock wiring with no issues. But upgrading the harness is needed if running anything higher(like a 80/100) Also even if you stick with the 55/60 then upgrading the harness will still be worth while doing becuase you will get more volts to the lights, more volts equals brighter lights(my guess is over 1 volt loss at the lights with the stock harness). I run the APC(ricer stuff) on my Cruisers and am very happy with it, cost $40. You can make your own.....but for $40......why?

Trick is.....

on a fj40/45/55 use the H-4 universal harness.
on a fj60 use the H-4 Toyota harness, if you don't the high beam dash light will not come on, the lights work fine however. If you use the H-4 Toyota harness on a 40-55 you will not have low beams.

Me I prefer the IPF H-4 lens, the Hellas are fine, Cibie makes nice stuff as well. But the best ones are prolly the free ones from your buddy :)

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