Aftermarket equipment stickers and decals

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Sep 13, 2021
Montenegro, Europe
Hi, I have equipment stickers like ARB, Factor 55, Rival, Warn etc I am looking for idea where&how to put it on car. Show me yours if you wear it
Everyone has the freedom to modify how they see fit and even if if doesn’t tickle my fancy I usually enjoy seeing what people do.

Personally, the only sticker I’ll have on my vehicle is the one required by the state and I only display that because of the threat of violence if I don’t.

Having said this, a lot of people either do the rear window or scatter them about the body to hide trail damage.
Mine go on my garage tool chest, hydroflasks, travel coffee cups, and coolers. Have seen the wind fairing for roof racks covered in them as well as rear/side windows.
My daughter puts them on the fridge/coolers. Sadly...the pink flowers and flip flops end up on there too! :)

I agree with the others, my rule is never on the vehicle itself, but if you must then I suggest you run them on the hatch so that they are only visible when the liftgate/tailgate are open.
My daughter puts them on the fridge/coolers. Sadly...the pink flowers and flip flops end up on there too! :)

Nothing wrong with that! Daughters are a blessing. :princess:
On the underside of the hood? Remove the hood blanket to open up some more real estate.
Nothing says "steel me" like advertising all of the goodies you can't see. From aftermarket parts to stereos and firearms, I feel like you're taking the fun out it for thieves with all those stickers!

Only sticker I want is of an incontinent two yearold. Come and get some!
I just have a couple stickers, one at each lower corner of the back hatch glass. Nothing advertising parts or guns or anything worth stealing though.
I dont advertise the parts and goods, as that seems like an invite. Places I've been, neat travel stuff goes on the fairing on the roof rack, as that can be scraped. Also on my BB skids, as they're semi flat, only seen by special folks, and don't care. On the windows I have some classics.




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