Aftermarket cd player install fro fj80

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
I've been pricing out aftermarket cd players to put in a 94 fj80. seems like an awful waste to spend so much money for a combo cd/cassete player when i wont even use the cass part. is it possible to buy just a cd player and add some type of plate or spacer to cover up the hole. i know i've seen this done but i more just looking for a place that may sell a kit for installing just a cd player in a combo sized hole. thanks alot
Any car stereo shop should be able to hook you up. I have seen a few combo units that are not bad on price - looks like another $100 gets you a one-piece unit to fill up the gap. Crutchfield had some that were black to match. I'd like to do the same but am having a hard time parting with the factory setup.
single DIN head unit with a single DIN CB below it works well.

I had a pocket there until I installed the CB.
i'd rather go with just a filler type pocket so i dont have to blow 300-500 on a combo unit. where can you get these pockets? thanks. with a pocket should i be able to use any DIN unit. thanks
The pockets are common, check out Circuit city, crutchfield, etc.. However, I heard a rumor that the oem pocket actually has a door. Is this true? This makes the pocket more useful to me. Also, where are you guys installing your CD changers? Has anyone installed it under the driver seat?
i have heard the door pocket is from a camry(year unknown)if anyone can confirm i would like to know...year/part # etc.....

doug is real good with their plastic and wiring harnesses. They include it when you buy the deck. The don't have awesome prices but they are fair and these little extras are worth something and they include it with the purchase of a deck. Both our local Circuit City and Best Buy do not have the pocket for the LC.

I installed my changer in the console. I like that it is handy even while driving. Although, I'll admit I have never changed the CDs in it. I think it has only been open twice since I bought it. I went with a MP3 changer. Each disc has 90-140 tracks on it. I hit random. I can do random of all the CDs or I can do random of each individual CD. Each CD is a different genre of music.
92-96 Camrys have the door version.
Din spacers are very common and should be at any audio store. You can get a pocket or just a plate. I know older Yotas had a pocket that could be used.

Also, i've found buying locally is sometimes cheaper. Over here the decks and speakers are about the same as Crutchfield and over here most of the shops drop in your stereo if you buy from them(or ya gotta pay $20-40 an hour).
Also, finding a place for the changer is easy. I had an amp under the pass. seat before so I put a PS2 under the drivers seat. I'm pretty sure a changer would fit under there. If not, you can put it in that space in front of the woofer, or on the side of the back for easy access.
this is what i pulled from the wreck. top unit has a tape deck.
Hey guys, I had an aftermarket aiwa c :-[ :-[ :-[d player in my 91 fj80, replaced it with the factory am/fm cassette cd player from a 1991 toyota celica, now I have no horse power, is there a difference in the celica unit from the fj unit ? it looks just like the unit I see in alot of 91 and 92 fj's ,,,, HELP I really like the looks of the stock unit, but would like to turn up the volume ,,,,,,,,,, I have the knob all the way up and if i put the window down, i can't hear the tunes :-[ :'( :'(
Not sure about your setup but my 96 has an amp as part of the factory package. This amp from what I'm told has to be removed for an aftermarket install.

Of course this will not help your horsepower issue with the 3FE
Was it from a system 10 system? In the Celica that is. Some of the Celica GTs had a special stereo sytem with amps and more speakers. That could be your problem.

What am I seeing there....5 disc changer on the bottom and the cassette on top? If so, that's a nice way to go. I wonder how reliable they are? also has them. I didn't check the price but saw them in the catalog. Personally, I wouldn't put one in a Cruiser. Too many small parts to jostile around. And because of the location of the heat vents, heat could have a negative effect on the changer. Also, not affiliated in any way. Check for relays and wiring accessories. They have real Bosch 30amp relays for under $1 each and they sell the plug ins for the relays. Great for lights, big horns, and other accessories that need a relay.
Bench test it before you install it. Red and Orange or maybe Yellow to Pos. and Black to Negative. Don't worry about the speaker wires. Just look at the display and run through the tracks to make sure it works prior to ripping apart your dash. Install it if it works. If it runs for a year or two you are ahead right? No money lost. I really don't have much experience with the Blaupunkt in dash changers. Most of my experiences have been with the Alpine and Nakamichi units. The Naks are really a PITA to deal with. The install needs to be perfect for the Naks really tight and they can't tilt more than a certain number of degrees. This can be a pain in like a Lexus LS430 with tilted dash. The Alpines just eventually screw up. Also, don't get overexcited if it jams on a long trip where you have been running the heat. Let it cool down and try working it again. Heat and vibration are the two car stereo items you can try to control. Dust is a factor that you really can't control too much. Heat, Dirt, Moisture and Vibration are basically what kills most car stereo gear.

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