Aftermarket bars and automatic carwashes

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Sep 20, 2021
Anyone with aftermarket bars risking it at an auto carwash? I know I know scratches and what not but we have a nice auto carwash near me with an affordable monthly unlimited plan and I like a clean car. So the question is, should I risk it.

Rhino Rack 59" Vortex Bars.
Putting my 54" bars on tomorrow. Currently run the same setup on the wife's GX460 and we take it through them... no issue.
Some of these carwashes have the ability to disengage the roof brushes to protect roof racks, etc. On occasion, I've noticed the attendant at my local wash turn them off for my stock roof rack. I've asked about it and they told me it was company policy to disengage the roof brushes for cars with racks. Personaly, I'd rather have my roof washed, I'm not worried about my stock rack.
I had a 4Runner with aftermarket Yakima bars and feet. I used car washes with brushes and never had an issue with it.

I've also seen pics of one of those cloth car washes where the cloth wrapped around the antenna on a new F150 and tore up the aluminum fender ripping it out.


If you can find a car wash that is touchless that'd ideal IMO.

I personally wash the truck at the DIY car wash in my town. It's not as nice as sitting in your vehicle but I know I won't destroy anything. I have a lot more crap on my truck than you have on yours though. If I just had those roof rack bars I'd use an automatic car wash.
I run mine through the car wash with the bars but not with accessories. for example, ski racks have to come off the bars.

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