Aftermarket A/C Compressors

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Sep 29, 2006
Broken Arrow, OK
I hear the new Denso's are junk so I'm researching aftermarket compressors.
Do any stand out as better than the Denso?
Maybe Delphi? UAC?
I'm interested in the Denso=junk a/c compressor. I'm getting ready to buy one next week so please elaborate on this if you have experience with it.
If you do a search on this forum you'll find that several members have had bad luck with the current Denso's which are a different design that the OEM units.

There are several aftermarket compressors available and was wondering if they any are better that what Denso has available.

Anyone had good luck with the Delphi?
I can think of at least a dozen "new" Denso's (non-Toyota sourced) I've installed over the last 12 months. No come backs on any of them. In fact, the only compressors I've had issues with are the reman'd Denso that are marketed by A1, 4 Seasons, et al. Granted a dozen samples is far from indicating a trend. However, usually I can point to improper cleaning/flushing of the a/c system after a compressor failure as the reason for a premature compressor failure.
I admit bias right off the bat, since we sell Denso. We've been selling Denso for over 10 years for all different makes of cars and trucks. On average, we sell over 100 units per season. Our warranty returns are the same as the Denso national average of <2%. That number is better than Sanden, Global, Halla, Seltec, or 4Seasons. In the three years that we've been selling to MUD members, I've had exactly one return. My impression is that there are a couple vocal "Denso sucks" folks who may have had a bad experience, I don't know, but I would not hesitate to use Denso products on my own vehicles. The new Denso compressors for the 80 series are a 10PA17C which is exactly the same as what came on them originally.
Good to know.
Thanks for the input.

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