After market Nerf Bar etc for 80 Series

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Oct 21, 2012
Dallas, TX
I have a 1993 Land Cruiser and need an after market nerf bar, step etc... The Cruiser has 37's on it and my wife has to jump up in there (hard to do when "dressed up") and it takes my 6yr old forever to climb up in there. This will be my wifes everyday car and currently poses a problem with kids. I have searched and called etc and can't find anything for this year vehicle.
Now I know the next three posts will be that I need to just get sliders but I need the step to be lower than where a slider will sit for ease of entry for the wife and kids. I also don't want a Carr Hoop Step scenario..... Would love the sliders but it just won't work.

Can anyone shed some light on where I can something?

Your best option may be to get a stock 2nd tire/wheel set for the :princess:. You would save gas, not wear out the bigger tires, and have a happy family.
It doesn't sound like running boards would lower the entry point enough to help. Maybe something like the picture below. They would probably need to come off to do much wheeling which probably isn/t much easier than swapping the tires


I'm in Dallas. I am beginning to think that the only option is the used stock running boards or the Hoop steps. Or trying to find someone who can fabricate something rather cool looking that is functional.
Ha... I tossed the nerf bars that came on my Crusier. Wish I had known someone would have wanted them...
A spare set of stock-sized tires and wheels is probably your best bet for the first step. Once that is done, then look at whether steps would be necessary. Search Craig's list in your area.
cruiseryard has a set of nerf bars for an 80

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