After market intake for 2F?

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Aug 12, 2002
hey all,

I was wondering if anyone makes a good aftermarket intake manifold for the 2f or if it is even worth it? When i rebuilt my 85 fj60 I remember thinking that the intake design was not the best (w/ 3 & 4 having short runners and the others long). I know clifford use to make one but no longer does. Someone told me Offy makes one but I cannot find any info on this. Any input would be valued.

yes offy makes one, but i have no idea where to get one ???
The only aftermarket I've seen is the Offenhauser 4bbl manifold. The runners are split top and borrom for the primaries and secondaries. I wonder what that does for low end torque? Maybe you could find a carb with small primaries and big secondaries.
I've seen them on ebay, they usually go for about $100.
Ed Long :)

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