After 6 Toyotas and 1 Heep, I think I got it right!

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Apr 10, 2013
Olympia, WA
So I figured I'd start a build thread on here for my already built rig! I'm from Olympia, WA and have been wheeling some form of Toyota for the last five years or so. I even made a brief foray into Jeepery, just for the weirdness of it! But someone had done terrible, terrible things to the Yeeps wiring and I had no desire to learn wiring and rewire a whole truck. So after that died I sold everything, the Jeep was completely parted out. I sold my Cummins and my trailer. Then I bought a house and wasn't really interested in wheeling or trucks for a while, but the sickness came upon me and I found a really good deal on a 100. So I bought that one and then quickly sold it for a small profit at the expense of a relationship and all my remaining goodwill towards teh Libyan people! :mad: So after the 100 went away I saved some cash and started looking and found my newest victim! It looks like it was on here before, if anyone has any info on the former owner or can link a build thread I'd appreciate it!

I found a pretty good deal on a built 93 FZJ80, lockers, bumpers front/rear, sliders, lift, rebuilt trans, low mile engine swap, etc.... Basically everything I wanted to do to the 100 but at a fraction of the cost and a better platform! I went and looked at it and mechanically it was in good shape and drove awesome! But the lockers were just a switch someone had put on the dash! :mad: SO I passed on it and kept looking. I went about two weeks and finally decided to see what kind of deal I could get on it and managed to do pretty dang good!

Plans are to throw an Aussie Locker in the rear for now and snap up a good deal on an ARB HP front when I find it. Find some 315's in a decent tread pattern and eventually go back to 37 Radial Pitbulls! I'll need Longs before the big tires and then it will need a re-gear also. But other than fiddling, this rig is done and everything I've always wanted rolled into one truck! :masturbanana[1]: Oh yeah, it's for sale! $10k firm! :fawkdancesmiley:

What she looked like when I brought her home.


Getting rid of the loud ass exhaust!

New muffler.

Temporary fix for the missing cover on trans.

Pre-Filter my buddy Mike gave me for some beers.

America...Fxxx Yeah!
Rebuilt trans?

How did they break an A442?
Were you guys up in the Capital State Forest?
I don't know that the trans was broken, it kinda looks like the guys was vetting it ready for a big trip and then offloaded it to his buddy. I was under the impression that was a super heavy duty trans as well.

Yep that's the capitol forest! My super secret, super awesome spot too!:p
What are ya shootin? Closest one looks like a Glock, then maybe a Sig Sauer? I just picked up a Glock 23...
What are ya shootin? Closest one looks like a Glock, then maybe a Sig Sauer? I just picked up a Glock 23...

Glock 10mm, then a Kimber (basic model don't remember which), then either a Ruger 22/45 or an H&K USP.45. There's also an old as sin bolt action .22 hiding in the back and a FN 5.7 that's shy due to an ammo shortage. Couple of good cigars if you look closely too I think! :cheers:
Too many putters, needs a couple wedges, some irons, and a driver or two.

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