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Aug 25, 2008
Sacramento area, CA
African Outback half length roof rack for 100 series LC ($600) $400

The aluminum rack is 49 1/4 inches wide x 49 1/4 inches long and sits about 4 1/8" above the roof (see photo). Each top slat has 2 T-slots for 6mm nuts. The parameter rail has T-slots on top and bottom sides for 8mm nuts. The support rails under the top slats have T-slots for 8mm nuts on the bottom side. Mounted on the rack in the photos are (4) 8mm screw eyes, (2) 6mm screw eyes, and the shovel mount. Additionally the rack's T-slots have in them (4) 6mm nuts and (6) 8mm nuts unused. This T-slot system provides great flexibility in attaching things to the rack or in making your own mounting hardware. One photo shows additional hardware of (8) 8mm bolts and one nut, (6) 6mm bolts and (4) nuts, (2) 6mm screw eyes and (1) light or antenna mount. So not counting nuts used for various mounts and screw eyes there are (7) 8mm and (8) 6mm nuts unused. The low profile mounts for rack fasten to a track providing some adjustment of the rack fore and aft.

Includes rack, and all hardware required to mount rack to 100 series Land Cruiser. Also includes the two mounts mentioned above and extra nuts and bolts shown.

Will include with the rack purchase the modified front part of stock rack that attaches to AO rack and wood tray that bolts to rack and holds up to 3 jerry cans for no charge.

Shipping, Land Cruiser, shovel and jerry cans are not included.

Not sure what it would cost to ship this thing, but I travel a fair amount in the Western US so maybe we can work something out.
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